This got me thinking. If the best places to work are based on the people that work there then naturally the key to creating a winning environment is finding, attracting and hiring great people. So while Glassdoor ranks companies based on what they are doing within their walls, I thought I’d look at what these great companies are doing outside their walls in terms of hiring the best people.

So I went on an exploration that lasted me a couple weeks to truly understand what recruitment marketing strategies these amazing companies were implementing. I looked at their talent acquisition technology, their career pages, their content like video and even their employer brands. Through my search and analysis, I created some charts, compiled some observational data and most importantly I extracted meaning. And this meaning is outlined in this post to hopefully give you and your team a glimpse into what top companies are doing to hire amazing talent and give you a leg up on your competition.

And for a list of the companies we analyzed, you can visit Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

Note: If you’re interested in the details of my methodology you can see the end of this post.

Recruitment Marketing Lessons from the Top 25 Companies

Talent acquisition tech stack

Amongst the top 25 best places to work, the type of technology that is used for talent acquisition is plentiful, which is not surprising since there are hundreds of technologies in the space. Have you seen the HR Technology Landscape Infographic? If not, I added it to this post. If you’re interested in a viewable version you can go directly to Capterra. In any case, I think you can get a sense of the overwhelming landscape by just glancing at the splattering of logos.

At least it’s not marketing technology…

marketing technology landscape

When I looked at the top 25, however, there were a few talent acquisition technologies that stood out.

Oracle, used by 38% of the top 25, leads the way, although this number combined their recruiting, applicant tracking and talent management systems. The other stand out was Recruiterbox which appeared in a quarter of these companies. Recruiterbox was more prevalent than Jobscience, iCIMS, Jobvite, Cornerstone and Greenhouse which are all well-known in the space.

Once you get past the ATSs, CRMs and recruitment software, you’ll see video interviewing software (HireVue) and event management software (etouches) pop up.

What this list doesn’t include is all the candidate engagement tools like chat, texting and AI although inside information tells me that Brazen does work with a few of the companies on this list.

Let’s take a look at career pages.

Career pages

Whereas the results of the TA technology analysis showed no major winners, the findings on the careers pages of the top 25 companies in Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work list showed some promising insights. Some of the themes were so overwhelmingly common amongst this group that if you’re not currently doing them, they should jump to the top of your priority list immediately. To make it easier to discuss the career page themes I decided to break the careers page down into 5 dimensions: video content, employee stories, employer brand, the apply now button and, as extra credit, whether or not they listed the Glassdoor award.

Video content

Video content on the careers page is turning into a megatrend with 56% of the companies in the analysis producing and publishing video. However, not all video is created equal. The better produced video content included everything from employee interviews to life at the company to why one should join the company. In contrast, some of the poorer produced videos talked too much about what the company does which felt more like a video for the about page than for the careers page.

I will also add that from a user experience perspective, some of the videos were way too long (3+ minutes!). The best companies made shorter videos but made more of them. For example, HubSpot did employee interviews with employees from specific departments. It made it more targeted, more relevant and more impactful for the candidates looking to join a specific team or department.

Employee stories

As an extension of video, employee stories were also very common on the career page. Of the Glassdoor Top 25 Best Places to Work, 64% were creating some sort of employee story in myriad forms (my methodology for this data point was very loose. I was very lenient in the way in which I defined “employee story”).

On one end of the spectrum, there were employee testimonials. On the other end there were actual articles or write ups of employees from the company describing a day in the life. Obviously, this end of the spectrum was much more compelling and offered a deeper view into the company and culture.

But the point is, these companies are creating a perception around their company that moves well beyond the job description which leads to the third dimension I reviewed on the career page.

Employer brand

I think the previous two dimensions naturally lead to this third category: the employer brand. And the one thing all 25 of these companies had in common was a strong employer brand that lived on their career pages. Like before, the clarity of the employer brand varies, but all of these companies talked about their mission and vision or their core beliefs or their culture on the careers page.

For example, Facebook talked about how two of their core values are “Move Fast” and “Be Bold.” In addition to describing what these mean, they are supported by employee stories and videos. The ‘find a job’ portion of the site is hardly the focus. Facebook would rather you learn who they are and what motivates their employees, think about if this aligns with your own values and beliefs and then and only then give you a path to apply. By having you qualify yourself, it allows Facebook to only invest in top candidates that are a fit for Facebook. No wonder they were rated the best place to work.

Apply Now

The penultimate category I analyzed was the prominence of the ‘Apply Now’ button on the careers page and what I found should not be a surprise. Only 12% of these companies weighted the ‘Apply Now’ button over the employer brand, the videos or the employee stories.

I think this speaks to the fact that really savvy and successful companies realize that the actual ‘apply’ part of the process is secondary or even tertiary to humanizing the brand. I think the smart companies are finding more and better ways to engage with candidates sooner in the funnel which is necessary given that talent is so hard to come by these days.

But one thing that I did notice is that almost all these companies still rely heavily on the online application and the resume once a candidate is ready to apply. They almost all required me to create an account and that was usually step 1 of 10 of the grueling obstacle course that has become the application process.

I believe there is opportunity for even the best companies to further improve (or, even better, an opportunity for your company to get a leg up on the best of the best). One way to do this is to use chat or messaging platforms to chat with candidates online at specified times. At Brazen, we call these chat events and you can watch our awesome one-minute video on chat events to learn more. In short, chat events rely on a communication method that billions of us already use in our day-to-day: chat and messaging services like Facebook messenger and Slack. Plus, these chat events help you sell your company and show top talent that you’re humanizing your brand in the purist sense of the word.

Key takeaways

The top 25 companies that I analyzed over the past couple weeks all share one thing in common: they hire some really great people. And the people make the company a great place to work, not the other way around. If I had to distill all of this down into a couple key takeaways, here’s what they would be:

Humanize your brand

If your job is to hire people in order to replicate what these amazing companies have, then the first key takeaway is that you must humanize your brand. This is supported through the contents of the career pages. Video, employee stories and deemphasizing the Apply Now button will support the humanization of your employer brand. But that is just the start.

Change the way you engage with candidates

I think the other key takeaway from this analysis is less about what I found and more about what I didn’t find and that is that companies have a huge opportunity to change the way in which they engage with candidates. Yes, we saw that the Apply Now button is being relegated and replaced by great content. But if you truly want to humanize your brand, you must bring the human into the conversation.

Extra Credit: Glassdoor

I bet you thought I forgot about our extra credit. Well, I didn’t, so here ya go.

The last thing I looked at was whether or not these 25 companies that won this prestigious award indicated as much on their career site and surprisingly only 32% of the companies did. I think an award of this magnitude can only help attract more great talent, build momentum and make the best even better. It’ll be interesting to see the movement of these companies on the list next year.

Methodology: For the most part, I combed through the career sites of the top 25 companies listed on the Glassdoor Best Places to Work. For the technology analysis, I leveraged DiscoverOrg which is able to provide a comprehensive list of HR technologies by company (although this list is likely not exhaustive).

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If you’re on this page, you’re probably wondering, what the heck is a chat event? I’m sure you can guess that it involves some sort of online messaging or chat and that it takes place at a scheduled time similar to an in-person event. But who would use a chat event, how does it work and what value does it bring?

Good questions.

As any good entrepreneur or marketer would do, let me start with the problem.

The war for talent

In recruiting it is no secret that there is a serious war for talent. Back in April, 2017, the American Staffing Association reported that there were only 1.17 unemployed job seekers for every job vacancy. This compares to 6.65 people per job opening in July 2009.

So it’s a candidate-driven market, to say the least. And that’s a problem for many organizations and recruiters trying to find, attract, engage and hire really great talent.

We also know that the behavior of people has changed dramatically over the last 5 years in terms of the way in which they communicate. Messaging apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger dominate the way in which we communicate with family, friends and coworkers.

But even in the midst of this obvious paradigm shift, few recruiters have adapted the way in which they recruit.

Enter chat events.

Meet me on my turf

Whether its selling, dating, negotiating or recruiting, the surest way to convince someone to start a conversation is to meet them on their turf and abide by their rules.

For candidates, their turf is online and their rules are chat.

“So what’s with the ‘event’ part?” you may be asking.

Well, for recruiters, inviting top candidates to an online chat event allows the recruiter to have multiple conversations at once. It’s a more efficient way to manage your pipeline.

Okay, so we’ve identified the problem, explained how candidates prefer to engage with recruiters and talked briefly about how a chat event works. Now the results.

Chat events provide value and some

First, really hard-to-find talent is twice as likely to come chat with you than they are to simply submit a resume. I mean, it makes sense after everything we just walked through, right?

Secondly, chat events are significantly speeding up the hiring process by as much as 60% in some cases. Again, this should come as no surprise since the event structure of the platform plus the chat feature allows your recruiters to have meaningful conversations with multiple top candidates all at once.

And what about that all important number that justifies an investment in chat events? Well, all this adds up to a lower cost per hire.

And the best part is that candidates, recruiters and hiring managers love using chat events. Awesome candidate experience, anyone?

Here are some quotes from actual customers:

“Brazen is cutting our time-to-fill substantially.”

“I was setting up interviews with candidates immediately!”

“I could never have reviewed so many candidates so quickly!”

“It was fun! It was awesome! We got really good candidates!”

So there you go. Chat events are the new way to engage your most difficult candidates.

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In recruiting, it seems the New Year always brings about a brand new hot technology. A Holy Grail designed specifically to solve our recruiting woes and help unearth the most qualified of candidates in rapid time. This year that technology was AI, a.k.a. artificial intelligence and it was everywhere. But unlike years prior, AI is planning to stick around for 2018. And what’s more – it’s growing and taking on new forms.

Chances are, it’d be near impossible to find a talent acquisition team not relying on some form of computing technology at this point. Now, without getting too technical, or making the obvious sci-fi comparisons (cough, Stranger Things), AI can do many things for many people but the keyword here is ‘people.’ That’s right, it’s people (Soylent Green, anyone?). And while 2022 is still a few years off, how we approach human-computer interaction in the recruiting function is critical, especially when it comes to incorporating AI.

Most solutions touting AI capabilities don’t actually leverage the truest meaning of the technology, but for the sake of argument we’ll be inclusive. AI, as it stands, is immensely helpful when it comes to sourcing and administrative tasks, helping to speed things up and streamline everyday processes. For example, if a candidate comes to your career site and asks a question about where to apply, AI chatbots can provide the answer, within reason.

AI for sourcing can sift through multiple candidate sources at once, replacing the need for manual searches. Taking things one step further, AI can also screen resumes to learn more and qualify candidates from the previously sourced pool. This leads to candidate matching and even the initial contact, without the human recruiter lifting more than a finger. However, despite this significant reduction in workload, this does not equate to the right hire. Though AI solutions report high rates of success in identifying qualified talent, the machines aren’t perfect and upwards of 10 percent of right-fit candidates will inevitably be overlooked.

Ultimately, it’s the skills held by the recruiter that make the difference. Consider recruiting for specialized skills such as nurses. While AI can help with the initial sourcing and screening, hiring a candidate with the bedside manner and personality needed is where the computer falls short. Recruiters recognize the nuances of organizations, understand what teams are looking for and what they need. Sure, the computer helps check the boxes off a list but there’s a big difference between emergency room and private practice experiences.

When it comes to hard-to-hire talent, AI may do little to convince a candidate to join an organization. If given the opportunity to chat with candidates, recruiters are much more capable of positioning the organization as a great place to work, while simultaneously helping identify if and where the candidate might fit. To effectively communicate culture and brand and reinforce the human element, it seems wise to connect recruiters, hiring managers and team with top talent early on in the process.

Yes, AI is helpful to recruiters but cannot negate the recruiter’s value. With it, recruiters can spend their time connecting with a smaller, well-vetted candidate pool – getting to know potential hires and determining best fit. Time-to-hire will be improved and the administrative burden of reading 100 resumes for every one req lessened. At least until the robots learn to emote but even so with what margin of error? The old adage still rings true, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

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October jobs report cheat sheet

After a weak jobs report in September that was originally reported as a loss of 33,000 jobs (it was recently revised to a gain of 18,000 jobs) the job market rebounded in October to the tune of 261,000 jobs added by U.S. employers. September was an anomaly due to Harvey in Houston and Irma in Florida so it was encouraging to see the jobs market return to recent trends and continue the streak of job gains to 85 straight months.

Although the report missed Wall Street expectations of 310,000 jobs, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.1%, the lowest it has been since 2000 in the midst of the internet bubble. More surprising than the low rate is the steep decline in the rate we have seen in 2017. We started the year at 4.8% unemployment and it has fallen by 0.7 percentage points. Compared to 2016, which stayed relatively flat, 2017 has seen a significant decline.

What this means for hiring

As the unemployment rate hovers around historically low levels, attracting talent continues to become more and more difficult. But there is a silver lining. Low unemployment and increased confidence in the economy typically makes employees more open to exploring new opportunities. The key for talent acquisition professionals is to engage this talent early, when they are beginning to look around.

Chat with us right now to discuss ways you can leverage technology to engage with hidden talent and speed up your hiring process.

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Job candidates are told to “inject personality” into cover letters and resumes, get asked to take assessments that identify skills and traits, and ultimately, are required to personalize the experience for each organization they’re applying with – but what’s on the other end of the experience? We know from candidate experience research that many job seekers report feeling that their information falls into a black hole after applying for a position, because there is no follow up, human connection, or even acknowledgement of their efforts. This poses the question, how can employers – in a space increasingly driven by technology, including artificial intelligence – keep the human in human resources?

Target Your Ideal Candidate

Personalizing the process doesn’t mean hand-crafting each and every recruiting experience, but begins with knowing who you are going after. Much like finding the right market or customer persona, identifying the right candidate will take some effort. Build a profile of who you’re looking to hire, from the perfunctory education and experience qualifications to more exacting characteristics such as extroversion vs. introversion and preferred work environment (cubicle or open concept). By directly targeting a specific type of talent from the get go, the resulting interactions will become more meaningful and a better use of time and resources.

Communicate to Engage

With that candidate in mind, consider how this person would want to communicate with your organization. Perhaps that’s by phone or email, or maybe it’s by text or chat. While no two candidates are completely identical, your targets are likely to share a few qualities and communication style often corresponds with factors like age group. If you’re uncertain, start with your preferred approach and ask candidates how they’d like to proceed. Demonstrating interest is another way to make the experience feel personal.

Humanize Your Brand

For much of the recruiting process, candidates are required to share their story so organizations can assess their fit. But like any relationship, the arrow points both ways, which means candidates are also asking, “Who are you?” and judging the employer brand. Employer brand is an important part of your recruiting strategy and needs to reflect the voice, tone and story of the organization. Are you fun and flirty? Academic and worldly? Corporate and buttoned up? Once defined, “inject personality” into your careers page, job descriptions, and most importantly, interactions with potential hires.

Personality can go a long way, even when it’s backed by technology. Showcasing this – in an authentic way – makes the recruiting experience more memorable. This helps make candidates feel that the organization understands and recognizes where they’re coming from, even when it’s not a match.

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Due to our group of fantastic builders, we’re proud to announce our newest product launch! Our group has been working across the clock to deliver new options to our prospects.

Try among the nifty new options coming to a pc close to you.

Textual content Message (SMS) Reminders

You’ll now be capable to ship textual content message, or SMS, reminders to registrants of your occasions. With an ever-increasing variety of customers becoming a member of Brazen occasions from their cellular units – these reminders assist you to attain your contributors the place they’re: their telephones!

Textual content reminders might be configured on an event-by-event foundation. When enabled, an non-obligatory cellular quantity subject can be added to your occasion’s registration type. All registrants who present their telephone quantity and opt-in to receiving notifications will obtain a textual content 30 minutes earlier than your occasion reminding them to log in. Study extra about setting this up in your subsequent occasion.

That is our first automated textual content reminder, and we’re excited to watch the efficiency and stay up for seeing how this positively impacts occasion attendance for our prospects.

Last Thought

“It was a pleasure chatting with you, thanks very a lot for sharing your expertise with me immediately!”

We’ve all been there — you’ve got a terrific dialog with somebody you meet and proper after your chat wraps up, you’ve got one last thought!

After the timer ticks right down to zero and your chat ends, attendees of your occasions will now have the choice to ship one extra message, or last thought, from the ranking display. Sort in a brief remark within the textual content field earlier than clicking “Completed”.

Nice examples of ultimate ideas may be thanking somebody for talking with you earlier, answering a query they despatched on the tail finish of the chat or any extra tidbit of data you assume could be useful to share.

Last ideas will present up each as a notification on the backside of your display in addition to in your chat historical past. 

However that’s not all, people!

Listed below are a couple of smaller, however excessive influence product enhancements:

  • Go forward, change the occasion time— To assist in giving extra flexibility to our prospects throughout occasion set-up, you’ll now be capable to change the time of your occasion after it’s been scheduled. In case you change an occasion’s time, you’ll even have the choice of notifying anybody who’s already registered.
  • Lengthen an occasion that’s in progress — You’ll now be capable to prolong the time length for occasions in progress. Whereas occasions must final greater than 30 minutes and fewer than 6 hours, this may enable our prospects to make modifications whereas an occasion is in progress. It is a piece of suggestions we’ve lately heard from prospects and we’re joyful to ship an answer.

We couldn’t be extra excited to share these updates! In case you’re occupied with studying extra, we suggest testing our detailed product launch notes.

Keep tuned for added updates from us sooner or later — we’ve got quite a bit in retailer for our prospects in 2017. 

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The admissions course of includes much more than simply looking at an applicant’s educational information and accepting college students with the very best marks. As an admissions officer, your job is to determine the scholars who will turn out to be the most effective professionals of their fields. In fact, you’re additionally in search of people who will naturally match into your campus tradition.


William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Monetary Assist at Harvard School, explains that the admissions workplace has a easy objective: to appeal to the most effective college students to the school. “Many individuals imagine ‘greatest’ must be outlined by standardized exams, grades, and sophistication rank, and it’s simple to know why,” he says. “Whereas we worth goal standards, we apply a extra expansive view of excellence. Take a look at scores and grades supply some indication of scholars’ educational promise and achievement. However we additionally scrutinize functions for extracurricular distinction and private qualities.”


He additionally talks a couple of pupil’s mental creativeness, energy of character, and their potential to train common sense. This begs the query: What precisely ought to admissions officers search for in potential college students? Educational potential is a crucial issue, nevertheless it’s not every thing.


Listed here are 5 classes to consider when assessing candidates outdoors of their grades:


1. Potential for development

A pupil’s achievements are greater than an intensive checklist of initiatives and extracurriculars they took half in. Achievements present a pupil’s potential for tutorial and private development.  For those who can see how a lot they’ve stretched themselves past the curriculum, you possibly can inform they’re go-getters within the classroom.


Seek for college students who embrace a development mindset, the place they imagine their basic skills might be developed by means of dedication and onerous work. The admissions essay is an ideal instance. Right here, a candidate will inform you the place they see themselves in 5, ten, or twenty-five years. Sturdy candidates will present targets that present how they plan to leverage their extracurriculars in direction of these future targets.


2. Management capability

Management can occur in any respect ranges. College students are by no means too younger to exhibit initiative and management abilities. If you’re taking a look at extracurriculars listed in functions, search for depth as an alternative of breadth.


Faculties usually search for well-rounded college students, who’ve a robust educational document and are concerned in a myriad of actions outdoors of the classroom. The issue with the well-rounded methodology, nevertheless, is that it’s closely based mostly on standardized check scores, GPA, and extracurriculars. The end result can usually be a dry analysis of a candidate that doesn’t mirror the coed’s ardour. Typically, what you’ll discover are college students who know that schools need well-rounded candidates, in order that they’ll unfold their efforts throughout a number of extracurricular actions with out making a critical dedication to any explicit one.


Search for college students whose hobbies, part-time jobs and summer season actions mirror a singular ardour. Typically, it’s college students who keep dedicated to some actions who’ve higher potential for management abilities.


three. Particular skills

A pupil’s GPA doesn’t inform you how effectively the scholars are going to contribute to the group. Positive, they’ll have the ability to deal with the tutorial curriculum, however will they make a optimistic impression on the college group?



Search out college students who’ve an incredible educational document, however nonetheless make investments their time in sports activities, artwork, writing, analysis, and different pursuits. A pupil who sends a portfolio of authentic pictures or features a hyperlink to their weblog within the functions is value exploring. Maintain a watch out for people who supply one thing particular, like Freddy Mendoza, who gained himself and a entire staff of soccer gamers scholarships to Silverlake School.


four. Suggestions

Letters of suggestions supply distinctive perception right into a pupil’s contributions that may’t be present in the remainder of an utility. These days, you possibly can simply discover the coed has left an incredible impression while you see an anecdotal letter of advice, one which’s filled with real-life tales the place the applicant has stood out.


These letters mirror the coed’s maturity, private values, humor, self-confidence and talent to attain targets beneath strain.


A really sturdy and personalised letter might also reveal the the explanation why the coed hasn’t achieved too effectively in a specific class. Perhaps they’ve a incapacity, or they had been going by means of tough occasions, or they simply moved, or they had been sick for a lot of the semester. Take these factors into consideration.


5. Character

An utility reveals extra concerning the particular person’s character than they understand. The tone they use of their private essays, their mental curiosity and the tales they select to inform are all indications of how they’ll contribute to the classroom and the group. Character additionally comes throughout throughout in-person occasions, reminiscent of campus visits or interviews.


As you’re assessing this 12 months’s candidates, ask your self: are you able to see this particular person getting alongside along with your present college students on campus? Are they a staff participant? You wish to hold a watch out for these college students who match proper into the expertise your group is striving to supply. Furthermore, you need them to profit from the tradition and values you stand for.


Subsequent time you discover a candidate who has all of the qualities you wish to see, however not essentially the stellar standardized check rating, take into consideration giving them an opportunity. What they lack in check scores, they simply might make up for in character.


Eva Wislow is an HR skilled and profession advisor at Careers Booster resume writing service. Eva has a level in Psychology and he or she focuses on serving to individuals obtain their most bold profession targets.

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For individuals who will not be acquainted, the OnRec Recruitment Awards Ceremony is likely one of the largest within the on-line recruitment trade. This present celebrates the trade’s success, progress, innovation, expertise, and achievements — which is why we’re excited to announce we’re a finalist for OnRec’s 2017 Technical Innovation Award within the Worldwide Provider class! This award has been beforehand received by Inquiry Administration Software program (2016), Amris eRecruitment (2015), and JobDiva (2014).

It’s an honor to see our firm within the ring with so many different modern recruitment manufacturers. Whereas Brazen has been a pacesetter in HR know-how innovation since its founding in 2008, we’ve put numerous work into our ground-breaking, versatile occasion platform that helps organizations host main networking and recruiting occasions.

Our latest innovation, a patented and trademarked Sensible Queue™ know-how, is likely one of the many the reason why we consider we’ve made it to the finalist spherical for this award. Sensible Queue™ helps our chat software program join certified candidates to the hiring managers/recruiters which are most probably to be inquisitive about them — making on-line hiring occasions extra productive for everybody concerned.

Winners might be introduced on the London-based awards ceremony on March 9, 2017. Keep tuned or study extra about OnRec.

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In consumer expertise, small issues could make a massive distinction. The Brazen staff has been onerous at work on updates that make the platform simpler and extra enjoyable to make use of for extra individuals.

Right here’s a listing of the thrilling updates now obtainable:


These enjoyable, light-hearted photos specific a wide range of emotions in ways in which textual content alone simply doesn’t. The reality is: they’ve discovered their manner into our each day lives and so they aren’t going anyplace! Whether or not you’re offering resume suggestions or hoping to seem extra approachable in your subsequent on-line networking occasion, emoji are a good way so as to add that further little bit of persona right into a dialog. 👍

Welcome Slideshow

At this time, we’re happy to introduce a revamped, educational slideshow for individuals of your on-line occasions. We’ve revamped the content material — making it extra welcoming and educational than ever earlier than.

New Touchdown Display Backgrounds

A clever man stated, “an image is price a thousand phrases.” We’re happy to offer seven new fashionable photos so that you can select from when constructing your promotional touchdown screens. (You may as well use these photos in cubicles!)

Obtain a .ZIP of all Registrant Paperwork

This lets you obtain a zipper of registrant paperwork (resume, cowl letters, and many others) in a single fell swoop. Whereas this will appear minor, resumes are the most well-liked time of uploaded file and we all know making them simpler to obtain directly could be a giant distinction to our customers.

Revamped Educational Emails to Representatives

We up to date the occasion reminder emails despatched to Representatives of your occasions, in order that they current a sequence of steps to take earlier than an occasion takes place. We’re happy with the progress right here and are assured these revamped emails will go a good distance in getting Representatives up-to-speed.

P.S. Resumes Not Required on New Templates

Whereas a resume can go a good distance, you definitely wouldn’t need it to maintain somebody from registering on your subsequent on-line occasion. Generally that’s the straw that breaks the 🐫’s again.

Transferring ahead, new templates for open home and expo occasions is not going to embody an ‘add your resume’ requirement.

Like what you see or have an concept for our staff? Depart us a remark under or drop us a line and tell us how these product updates are understanding for you.  

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Creator of the well-known 7 Habits of Extremely Efficient Folks, Stephen R. Covey as soon as mentioned, “Energy lies in variations, not in similarities.”

This maxim is particularly true within the office. Based on a 2015 McKinsey research, numerous corporations carry out not less than 35% higher than their homogeneous counterparts. Not solely is a useful to your backside line to recruit a various staff, it’s frequent sense in our growingly numerous nation.

Analysis has predicted that by 2050, Caucasians will now not be the bulk in America. Due to the growing charges of immigration and interracial marriages, the rising era would be the most tolerant and racially numerous within the historical past of our nation.

Likewise, it’s changing into an increasing number of crucial that corporations guarantee an equal illustration of feminine management within the office. Whereas ladies maintain a slim majority within the American workforce, solely 16.9 % of Fortune 500 board members and four.6% of CEOs are ladies. Analysis exhibits that corporations who promote ladies to the C-suite even have a aggressive benefit, with a 66% enhance in return on invested capital amongst different outcomes.

Since 73% of all family spending within the US is managed by ladies, chances are high elevated feminine management is an actual market benefit to your firm as nicely. This could possibly be why female-friendly corporations outperform the competitors by 53%!

Nonetheless not satisfied? Try our useful infographic about the advantages of range in hiring beneath.


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